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“Logos” Vessel

Art is a tool that we use for a mashup of reasons. To play and learn, to watch a thing take shape, to tell stories and express ideas. There is a theme to much of my work that is seemingly ambiguous. These are attempts to express the “absolute”. They are generally unplanned works that are the result of true inspired and passionate flow. These pieces take shape almost on their own.

 I make a template (the vessel) and the rest presents itself as I go. The symmetry and patterns are self-guiding. In all my hopes and dreams the effect of viewing them should be a restorative one. Like remembering something very important, but impossible to put into words…

Now available in the shop.

Transformative Vessels

Just finished adding what I had left of these fun new pieces made of pieces to our big cartel shop.  Click here or on the photo below to see what’s available. There’s also a demo video below the photo here.  Thank you!

Each displays as a decorative vessel, but disassembles to reveal a bead, and a spinning top-topper
Each displays as a decorative vessel, but disassembles to reveal a bead, and a spinning top-topper.

What do you keep in your vessel?

If you follow me our our Evolving Creations Lampwork page on Facebook you might have already seen this recent collection of vessels. If not then sweet, these are some of the new “Liscio” vessels.

I’ve been working towards some degree of fluency in this kind of work and these are a nice taste of that. Trust and faith in the process of practice is what I fill the vessels with. It’s like a genie that tells you to keep your wishes where you can see them and get to work on making them happen. The genie is a master of practice. The same genie says that kindness, gratitude and mindfulness are what keep your wishes in perspective, what tempers them with virtue and ethics. You are the genie, your body is the vessel, let yourself out and make the wishes come true one simple step at a time…

"Liscio" Vessels Flameworked borosilicate.
“Liscio” Vessels Flameworked borosilicate by Beau Barrett.  Now Available in our Etsy shop.

This kind of work is where it’s at for me right now, the genre that resonates with my creative goals most. With lampwork I like to “cross-train”, to apply efforts in a select group of basic genre that appeal to me, my customers and my practice. Balance… This basically means, blown hollow beads, pendants, marbles, and vessels. There’s things like ornaments and sculpture that happen on occasion too.

Each of these types of work, train and offer practice in areas that can be combined and interchanged. Starting with mandrel wound beads, and soft-glass pendants I learned about the properties and basic patterning of small amounts of glass. Then I moved to blown boro beads, this has been a road of learning about working tube, hollow form, color, technique and aesthetic. Thousands of blown boro beads. Throughout this time I visited the perfume bottle, pendant and marble. It doesn’t matter to me, it’s all practice that ideally results in some kind of beautiful object. Even if it doesn’t, I still learn. In retrospect it’s been a very incremental path up until this point.

I learn not just about glass, but about myself.   It tempers my patience, it is good for my awareness, it helps connect me with people, it has cultivated trust and faith that even when you feel that you must be crazy for choosing an uncertain path, if you feel it is virtuous and ethical, it resonates with you, it fills you with light and calls to you. It will probably work out, maybe not how you thought, but it will show you that it can and that it will if you stay with it.  We all have to spend our lives doing something and this appeals to me in so many ways that I am continually grateful to be doing it. I have intentions that I haven’t yet decided how I will put them into action, but I will.  Really, taking the time to write to you is one way that I can offer something more. It’s a start.

I want you to keep something in your vessel. Just one, it’s you. Not your identity 😉 the you that is unconcerned with what others think of you, the you that knows what the next right thing is, the you that is awake to what is real and what is imagined.  When you empty out your vessel there is something that remains, it is space.  An empty vessel knows that it is fine just how it is, that when space is created, all that has ever been known or needs to be known rushes in. When space is created, you can see again, you can feel what you need to be for the moment, then you become empty again prepared for the next.
Emptiness is not bleak, it is inviting, it is openness.
So the vessel…what’s it made of? The vessel is made of practice, of compassion, of reason of mindfulness and simplicity. It’s there to give form to space, it’s there to establish an objective. When the vessel is emptied of illusion this is what remains, the space within it is electrified and connected to the universal objective. To know yourself, and to know that identity is temporary, that you can be who you need to be, then just empty your vessel, prepared for the next clear moment.

Have a truly mindful day!






Quantum Vessel #3 Available for Purchase.

The latest in a series of vessels that I’ve been exploring when the mood is right. This represents the kind of work I’ve been finding the most satisfaction in.
I’m really grateful to be here now, with this peculiar and infinite pursuit to focus on a medium that appeals to me.
Curves and lines, curves and lines. An entire universe is represented by curves and lines. First a point, then a line, then a curve, and lots of space. Then there’s that mystery of consciousness and thought, the idea and the senses.. It goes on and on from there…Ideas in space is all we are.
It’s inside the bottle, and it is the bottle, simultaneously!
A Quantum Vessel. That’s the idea anyway 😉 … 12.5″ tall.