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Elemental Life in Frame

So it’s true that I’m a little crazy, but in a perfectly friendly, safe and non threatening way. I wake up, drink caffeine, do a little of this self-promotion/self-expression, think about how crazy life, the world, the universe, the reality is etc etc. Then, instead of curling up and quivering in a fetal position from the overwhelming nature of it all, I get to work and I use that overwhelm and anxiety etc. to take control of the glass and prove to myself that it’s all real and that when I look and listen, I can make the connections between the seemingly disparate things in a way that feels like I’m doing my part to keep it all together, actually show the work, and ideally support my family all at once.

Elemental Life In Frame” now available in the shop!

“Logos” Vessel

Art is a tool that we use for a mashup of reasons. To play and learn, to watch a thing take shape, to tell stories and express ideas. There is a theme to much of my work that is seemingly ambiguous. These are attempts to express the “absolute”. They are generally unplanned works that are the result of true inspired and passionate flow. These pieces take shape almost on their own.

 I make a template (the vessel) and the rest presents itself as I go. The symmetry and patterns are self-guiding. In all my hopes and dreams the effect of viewing them should be a restorative one. Like remembering something very important, but impossible to put into words…

Now available in the shop.

Storewide sale and a moment of truth.

Running through until Monday until 11pm all website items available at 25% off using coupon code:  WEEKENDSMASH  

Click here to link to our shop.

I have to tell you. The way things look from where we stand, is immensely bright and beautiful when we look in one direction and terribly dark and foreboding in the other. Blessed to see this but burdened with the reality that we can no longer pursue, because to do so would be to be a part of what seems to hurt as opposed to what appears to heal.

We are not attached to how it will work, but we cannot turn back out of fear. This might look and seem foolish to those who mistake their animal nature for true and divine human nature.

We are more than what we have. We want to “have” less so we can “be” more. The truth seems so simple but the struggle to uphold it and the forces that aim to undermine it are all too real.

In a world where all you want to do is take responsibility for your burden upon the whole, to be a help and a source as opposed to being a dependent, to truly sacrifice in the name of change. It seems worth investing in.

We’re doing an odd thing, trying to stay put and grow roots. Work the soil where we stand, use the Internet and technology to avoid travel and needless consumption of resources. We enjoy working hard and are trying to work smarter. No doubt the odds are not in favor of our goal.

I don’t care about the odds though, I don’t care about fame or attention beyond what is needed to make this work. It’s for you and all because I see how much it’s wanted and needed. All the Sun does is plead with me every day to stay the course. This game has a full on faith, that the light of truth is enough and if one way fails, we’ll pick up and try another. We need your help though. We need to come together to hold this up in every way we can.

Nobody needs these objects we make, I realize this and it terrifies me. All I can hope is that people understand that I want to transform these glass objects into fertile ground for the future of my family and be one of many who know they must do the same because that is the future I see and believe in. So maybe you aren’t in a position to make soil, but you can invest in it.

My family didn’t have a garden when I was growing up, and I know it’s not possible to garden everywhere. I also know how much earth is covered with concrete and asphalt. That said, for reasons that began arising over 15 years ago, we have been studying and learning and practicing all that we possibly have time for. Things that would have otherwise been lost to us. Things we value and cherish above all else. Things that our Son will carry forward.

We need to continue to figure out how to make it work because it’s all that matters anymore and all I can do is hope and pray that people understand and that it all holds together somehow.

Whatever part you play here, I thank you for being your best self and hope we all stay bright on the darkest days because it’s all that helps.

Great thanks and blessings from the Barrett Family to you and yours and all.

  The Gulf is something that has to be leaped, and leaped alone, stripped of all hindering burdens, in faith … It is thus one of the crisis points of spiritual progress because of the great temptation to turn back from the unknown to the apparent safety of known things, and to succumb to this temptation is to lose all the fruits of past endeavor.

New beads added to the shop!

Click the photo to teleport now. thanks all.

Working on a full overhaul of operations and it is good. Starting with these new additions to our shop. There is a whole lot of awesome in the works but it’s going to take some real time and effort on this side of things. More than ever, but it’s always worth it.

I’m in the workshop right this moment typing this on my phone. I’m going to offer things on this blog. Written accoutrements that I’d like to share. Things that I don’t care to toss into the turbulent book of faces like so many lost messages in a bottle.

Here I can share and know where it is, how to find it and show you. I have much to learn about making this work but I have to start and make mistakes or it will never become.

I write a lot, I share a lot because it’s something I’m compelled to do. The thing is that I can’t afford to do it as much as I would like, it takes a lot of time away from doing the work that pays my bills. (I am a Lampworker).

The idea is to try and concentrate my efforts here (again). More room to write, and it’s linked to our shop so maybe you like it and want to grab a bead to carry it with you and invest in more.

Here’s a quick poem for you to be on your way.

The Times

Every house holds three clocks.

They keep each other set with the tick and the tock.

One runs forward, one turns back, and the other is stopped.

The man looks around to find it and feels queasy at the proposition, that a timely choice is important to this mission.

Then he reaches up and takes all three. He remembered what it means to be.

I’m gonna go make glass objects now. but if the words move you more, or just enough to throw money at, or you just have so much you don’t know what to do with it, that donate button will take it and I’ll invest it well.  Thank you. Bless our place and our journey.

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Cobalt Sparkle Spots ~ Blown boro bead set by Beau B.

Here’s a new set of 3 blown boro hollows in cobalt blue under clear glass, decorated with a bit of turquoise and bold glittering green. Set comes along with some of the new discs in matching blue.

"Cobalt Sparkle Spots" Click photo to purchase.
“Cobalt Sparkle Spots” Click photo to purchase.


“Crystal Tesla Set” Just added to the shop!

Another new set just added to the shop!

Lots of light catching clear, with amber-purple and black. I really dig how this set came together.  The new disc spacers really made it I think.

Click the photo to get to the item page in our shop if you want to make these yours. Thanks all!

“Crystal Tesla Set” by Beau Barrett Click the photo to purchase.