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Sunday Spintop Origami! Art & Craft, one in the same…

It’s Sunday, you’re either out and about playing, hustling or struggling, at home sitting, playing etc. Maybe you have kids and you all need a project?

Our son is 5.  With a “project” in his hands his attention is so concentrated and still. You can observe the place where he goes from the chatter and into the flow. It’s different for everyone but  he’s a quiet worker when he’s working with something he has practice with, he goes into the process and brings something back besides a new creation. There’s smiles and standing up straight. There’s excitement to be alive. “I made this! Look what I did all by myself!” Just saying, it doesn’t matter what it is, if you can find a place to slow down and try something challenging, and learn something new, it will open you up.

Atom at work. He has a little spot between Shani and my torch stations to work in. That's where his torch would go if/when he's onto that.
Atom at work. He has a little spot between Shani and my torch station to work in. That’s where his torch would go if/when he’s onto that. It’s all hooked up under the bench…

Like folding paper. It’s paper, but spend a few hours with colorful squares and it becomes something else. Paper will never be the same to you after that. You will see things you never saw before from then on. Like how you never noticed (insert activity/craft/hobby) here until you did it, you opened up a new spot, you turned a different light on, now it’s everywhere!

Before the internet (I’m a whopping 35 years old). I used to check out books at the library!   These were usually how-to crafty type of books. Paper airplanes, science experiments, how-to-draw books, knot tying. If it’s something you can do with two hands I’m probably interested in knowing how. I’ve even tried knitting and crochet, I was terrible at it but am happy to know how it’s done in case I need to fashion a pair of ugly mittens real quick. 🙂 “Just don’t forget the tassel’s bro!”

It’s like that with everything. You might have an affinity for certain materials and attitudes, but they all have value and they all have hidden insights and provide wonderful contrast to their inevitable counterparts. You can’t go wrong people.

If you adopt, identify and associate with just one aspect of this experience, the ability to understand and make connections with other aspects will be greatly compromised.

The war of art, or the war of craft, in the center of each you will find all kinds of flow. The war is won and lost, simply by succeeding or failing to start. As soon as you begin, everything changes…

Your determination humility and bravery to try new things, and be open to the idea that who you are, may be something you have to work hard to discover. To raise your determination to a higher level than the resistance that will keep you to afraid to try.  There is little that can be understood about certain things without doing, without trying because failure is even more educational than success. If you pass GO the first time around, it’s still there waiting for the next pass. Pass go knowing that it’s a blessing, that some folks get slammed in the intersection and slow down, take it all in, then maybe you see and understand a few things to help you through the next time around.  Because you have to. Things will be different then so you need to look close again, and connect what you learned now, with what you’ll learn then. “A-haa!”


The saying “jack of all trades and master of none” is kind of true, but needs salt once things get rolling.  Having a focus is  important, but you have to look up and away from time to time.

All that focus you cultivate and brew, when you bring it up to aim at an outside target, it is charged.  It has the potential to spark and ground something in here, with something else “out there”.  These are the “A-ha!” moments, no matter how big or small. When you have them, you’ve broken new ground and this is being more of who you are. This is the universe being more of what IT is.

Even if it’s just you, sitting at the dining room table by yourself or with your kids trying to figure out how to fold squares of paper and assemble them into a spinning piece of something just to see what it’s like. To see if you can, and to say you did. Then they’re laying around when your friend comes over and you talk about it…

Ellie had commented on some of my glass spinning tops on Facebook and I noticed some Origami in her profile. (Cause I can’t-not see it ya know?) Next level is that she has these guides on Snapguide for making SPINNING origami.

Wanna make one? Go get at it then!  Thanks Ellie!

Spinning tops made by Ellie Kneeland
Spinning tops made by Ellie Kneeland

     Check out her other published guides here!

Self Reflective Spinbreak. Words up, tops down. Tops up, words down.

….then we meet in the middle.

This is how it goes, as above, so below, but with a constant twist, you know?

This is how we roll, a little fast, a little slow. In the middle, is where there’s flow.

This is all we know, the where we were, where we are and the where we wish to go.

This what we are, this where we stand. It’s  the present, the point of power.

It’s where black is white and white is black, then it’s gray, where thoughts become things,

like day-dreams in night-scenes..

Speaking of color…

The Real Deal Color WheelRCW

  People think I have color sense, but what I have is a color wheel, and I actually use it. Not always, but I usually follow the “rules.”  I have a long winded view of color that is pretty fun to talk about. This is a quick pin-in-it post, but I’ll share more thoughts on that soon.

 For now, save this image to your computer, print it out, and tape it up by your workspace and your life will get better. You can check out for more info.