Transfiguration Torus

Yeah, life is something. I heard the other day that the meaning of life is the question itself. That we’re here to ask, not to know. If you think about how important patterns and pattern recognition is to life itself, then it starts a pattern of it’s own. We make an observation of the first motion, and move with that into a new motion. We put a thought into an action, and ideas and patterns start to become things. 

I’m of the mind that the great mind above, or beyond, or within all, is just filled with connections that have yet to be made, and that everything including us is a part of the process that makes them. I have repeated this idea in words so many times. It feels really good to do it in a way that is beyond the bounds of language but also quite literal?

 Anyway, what you’re looking st is an elaborate and symmetrical glass Bead with a custom stand. I’d like to sell it to support life and continue forward to the next connection. I would also like for it to send these ripples of a well examined life beyond my reach and scope.  Now available in the shop.

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