Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hobnail Vessels from eternity and back again.

I make glass objects for a living, to support mine and my families earthbound life that is. There’s another thing going on here though, it’s more than one thing happening at once. We’re learning, and we are showing the work. We don’t speak of it, we feel and listen, we move with it, we use it to see and to create. It proves itself to us and the vision grows.

New vessels just added to the shop!

Elemental Life in Frame

So it’s true that I’m a little crazy, but in a perfectly friendly, safe and non threatening way. I wake up, drink caffeine, do a little of this self-promotion/self-expression, think about how crazy life, the world, the universe, the reality is etc etc. Then, instead of curling up and quivering in a fetal position from the overwhelming nature of it all, I get to work and I use that overwhelm and anxiety etc. to take control of the glass and prove to myself that it’s all real and that when I look and listen, I can make the connections between the seemingly disparate things in a way that feels like I’m doing my part to keep it all together, actually show the work, and ideally support my family all at once.

Elemental Life In Frame” now available in the shop!

“Logos” Vessel

Art is a tool that we use for a mashup of reasons. To play and learn, to watch a thing take shape, to tell stories and express ideas. There is a theme to much of my work that is seemingly ambiguous. These are attempts to express the “absolute”. They are generally unplanned works that are the result of true inspired and passionate flow. These pieces take shape almost on their own.

 I make a template (the vessel) and the rest presents itself as I go. The symmetry and patterns are self-guiding. In all my hopes and dreams the effect of viewing them should be a restorative one. Like remembering something very important, but impossible to put into words…

Now available in the shop.

Transfiguration Torus

Yeah, life is something. I heard the other day that the meaning of life is the question itself. That we’re here to ask, not to know. If you think about how important patterns and pattern recognition is to life itself, then it starts a pattern of it’s own. We make an observation of the first motion, and move with that into a new motion. We put a thought into an action, and ideas and patterns start to become things. 

I’m of the mind that the great mind above, or beyond, or within all, is just filled with connections that have yet to be made, and that everything including us is a part of the process that makes them. I have repeated this idea in words so many times. It feels really good to do it in a way that is beyond the bounds of language but also quite literal?

 Anyway, what you’re looking st is an elaborate and symmetrical glass Bead with a custom stand. I’d like to sell it to support life and continue forward to the next connection. I would also like for it to send these ripples of a well examined life beyond my reach and scope.  Now available in the shop.