Solar Man

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Truth be told, I occasionally make components that get set aside because I’m not sure what I’m doing with them. I have some creative compulsions that take over, mid day, then I decide I better get back to bread and butter and think it all over.  In this case, the human figure, foot, bowl and the open part of the stem were all “accumulated” over time. Then one day I look around and see that I almost have something. The figure happens to eye up with the stem well, I add the outer arcs and rays to it (the stem), add some gold and silver fuming, assemble and here we are.

I’ll tell you again that I know exactly “what” I’m doing, but I figure out how as I go,because “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray” you know?
I just aim for the light and it all comes together. That’s faith.
We watch and listen and move, guided by light. I couldn’t doubt it again if I tried. I’ve received enough confirmation to fill all the cups ever made, and I aim to share it above all else. Dogma free.
I thank you for the very important part you play in fueling this transformative fire that burns for you as much as any.
It’s there when you look for it, it’s there when you don’t.
It won’t wait to shine. It’s just what light does. What it does to a person when they answer it, stand naked in it ??
It changes them from an animal into a Human Being.
It’s the hardest thing for a person to do. Also the most worthwhile.
Shine Brighter every moment, ask all the questions and see for yourself what this place is really about.

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