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Cobalt Sparkle Spots ~ Blown boro bead set by Beau B.

Here’s a new set of 3 blown boro hollows in cobalt blue under clear glass, decorated with a bit of turquoise and bold glittering green. Set comes along with some of the new discs in matching blue.

"Cobalt Sparkle Spots" Click photo to purchase.
“Cobalt Sparkle Spots” Click photo to purchase.


“Dawn to Dusk” New set and a few words to grow on.

These colors. They remind us of beginnings and endings I think.  New Dawns and days that end well.  Couple that with some earth tones and it’s the dream we live here on earth.

~We begin to become something in the dark, then we reach out from the center to define our space. The process moves this way, one center defined, one sphere. From there, it looks to create another in it’s likeness.  As the body grows, it becomes more inhabitable, more familiar. The process continues until the being is born from there to here. The self begins to take notice of this increasing physicality, of hunger and a vulnerability that didn’t previously exist. It breathes, it sees and feels. It begins to discover cause and effect. It forgets, it remembers and forgets and remembers again.

To be the remembering and forgetting is one thing, to observe it is another.  We do both, but not often at the same time. We often believe that forgotten things go away somehow, but they most certainly do not, even if you can’t remember them, all that ever was, still is. Like space dust under the influence of all that surrounds it, part of the whole, yet still differentiated. The dust will find attraction to particles that agree and they will congregate, coalesce and eventually form a body, with a center, and the process will be there too.

The process is infinitely large and magnificently small. So where you look for it, is where you’ll find it. You just have to trust yourself long enough, and let it open. It spooks when you reach or chase it. If you want butterflies and hummingbirds to land on your shoulder, then make like a flower, be love, be life, be beauty and it will seek YOU out.  Not because you’re special or godly or magical.  It’s because that’s just how it works. Distilled from dogma, the way just is simply, “the way.”

“Love” is a word.  It’s the one we have. What it means is everything. Love is greater than anything. Gratitude is joy.  You can give your attention to what needs it and what calls for it. You can also turn your back on what is looking to take it from you or frighten you away from it.  We all have a mountain we’re looking to climb. All that matters is whether or not you’re going towards it or away from it.  We all know the view is reason enough.

Carry on and be well kind travelers, I look forward to seeing you on the path.

9 boro beads by Beau Barrett. Click this photo to purchase.
9 boro beads by Beau Barrett. Click this photo to link to the  item page in our shop.

“Crystal Tesla Set” Just added to the shop!

Another new set just added to the shop!

Lots of light catching clear, with amber-purple and black. I really dig how this set came together.  The new disc spacers really made it I think.

Click the photo to get to the item page in our shop if you want to make these yours. Thanks all!

“Crystal Tesla Set” by Beau Barrett Click the photo to purchase.



“True Blues” Blown Boro Bead set by Beau Barrett

Just jumping back on this thing like I never skipped a beat? Ha! Guess so.

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Click the photo to get to the product page for this set, now available in our big cartel shop 😉 Thanks all!

SOLD! Thank you!